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Boulder Bag, Pvc benders and wire caddys

Tools and Accessories

Top quality Boulder Bag tool pouches and accessories are some of the best designed in the industry.

Made of high quality Cordura plus nylon, they stand up to high impact daily use. Bolder Bags can handle the stress that hard work puts on a tool belt.

Bolder Bags are specially designed for Electricians, drywallers, carpenters, contractors, and HVAC professionals.

With accessory pouches available for testing equipment, drill pouches, and even suspenders. You can depend on Boulder Bag to keep your tools and equipment safe and on hand when needed.

Comfortable padded belts designed to help alleviate back pain from wearing you belt all day.

Made in the USA!

Belt Sizes Measured around the Hips
For waist measuring 28-32" we Recommend a Small
For waist measuring 32-36" we Recommend a Medium
For waist measuring 36-40" we recommend a Large
For waist measuring 40-44" we recommend a XL

Any questions please give us a call at 810-742-7444.