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All Colors of Electrical Tape Shipped Fast

Tape and Wire Connectors

Our NSI industries tape and wire connectors can help to get the job done in any residential, commercial and industrial application.

The Industry leading Polaris Mechanical connectors that come pre-insulated to help save time and money. They are heavy duty, and dependable for secure connections in just about any situation. There is the Polaris Grey for fine stranded wire. Polaris Blue for direct burial and submersible situations. We have up to 8 port sizes available.

The Easy-Twist wire connectors grab the wires fast ensuring a reliable connection every time. They take fewer twists saving valuable labor time. Standard, winged, high-temp, crimp, and ceramic versions available.

We have general purpose tape that is an affordable quality electrical tape, Premium tape that will hold up in cold weather applications, high voltage tape, rubber splicing tape and even duct tape for all your insulting needs.

Connector blocks make all your wire connection needs easy and affordable. Multiple wire sizes and conductor counts

If you have any questions about making the correct choice for your wire splicing or connection needs give us a call at 810-742-7444. You can depend on A + Supply Co.