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We have Wadsworth Breakers to get the job done right. Listed below are the many styles of Wadsworth Circuit Breaker we carry, along with their pictures.
All Breakers are NEW

If you're looking for Wadsworth Breakers or have a question about Wadsworth breaker panels, you've found a great source.
I worked for Wadsworth Electric back in the early 70's. No, it's not my fault. Back when my dad started in the electrical business in 1969, no one else would sell him breaker panels so this was it. They did make a good breaker box but they were always pricy. After I became the purchasing agent for the company I contacted Murray / Crouse Hinds, which is now owned by Siemens, and changed our inventory to theirs. They had better pricing and the breakers were interchangeable with other brands. Still, my dad was looking to pawn me off on someone, he said it would be an education, and the Wadsworth Rep. in our area was looking for someone to run there Detroit office. I did the receiving, shipping and inventory management. Ok, you're right, it was a one man operation, but I was boss and at 18 years old I became my own man. Well... 2nd man in charge, I did have the Rep. over me and my dad would have me pick up supplies from the manufacture warehouses for him after I got out of work. I left Wadsworth after 6 months or so because I hated the 120 mile round trip every day from Flint to Detroit not to mention that I didn't have any insurance on my car at the time. The story goes on but you'll need to insert a nickel into your floppy drive for the rest of the story... lol.

"Detroit has the craziest drivers, But I Do love there Basket Ball Team".

A+ Electrical Supply Co. Larry Hutcheson, President