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RainFresh Ait Filtration offered at Aplus Supply

At A+ Supply Co. We offer Rainfresh air filtration cleaners that are dependable, affordable and high quality. It works wonders for treating asthma in the pollen seasons and winter months. Breath and Sleep better with a Rainfresh Air Filtration System.

With a replaceable filter that has 4 levels of filtration to get even the smallest particles and odors out of the air. As well as a Negitive Ion generator, Ti02 fiber wrapped UV light to eliminate any harmful mold or bacteria. It creates a wonderful Rainfresh air smell found in nature.

We also offer hand drying systems from American Hand Dryer. Top quality built in the USA dependablilty!

The Extremeair series has the CPC9 that cleans the air as it drys! They will save you money compared to using paper towels and save the environment at the same time.

Contact us today with any questions 810-742-7444.