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Challenger Plug on circuit breakers shipped Fast

Challenger Circuit Breakers

Listed below are the "A" and "C" series Challenger breakers we currently have available.
Challenger Breakers were primarily used in residential applications from the 80's and 90's. We have suitable Challenger breaker replacements for most models with the ā€œAā€ and ā€œCā€ series.

Challenger Breakers Available:

A115 pair A120 pair
A215 A220
A230 A240

C215 C225
C235 C245
C290 C2110

The "A" series Challenger breakers are the compact version mostly notable for the hooks on
the side of the breaker that attach to the bus bar. The single poles are only sold in pairs. You have to be careful of the configuration of the breakers in the panel when using the "A" series 2 pole breakers to ensure both phases are tapped.

The "C" series Challenger breakers are full size 2 pole and 3 pole breakers.

The Challenger Brand was purchased by Eaton / Cutler Hammer.

If you're not certain that these breakers will work in your panel give us a call at 810-742-7444, our breaker specialist can help to ensure a proper replacement.

These are all new old stock breakers with a 1 year warranty. Shipping from warehouses throughout the country, UPS ground shipping normally takes 1-2 days.